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Quicky AI

Quicky AI is a Chrome extension that helps to use AI quickly and productively on any website just by selecting text.


viaNotion helps you manage and schedule content from Notion to Twitter and LinkedIn seamlessly.


Tweetlet is an amazing tool to create beautiful images from tweets, text and any other images in a snap.

Copy Text Easily

A simple chrome extension that helps to copy text, paragraphs, sentences and custom selections in browser.

Text to image

Text to image is a chrome extension that lets you create images instantly just from the text selection.


Formify is an open source tool that lets you create, manage and embed contact forms on any site with nocode.


Bookmarker is a free tool that lets you bookmark web pages and use them productively without leaving the tab.

Notion Tweet Preview

Notion Tweet Preview is a Chrome extension that helps you to preview tweets and threads right inside the Notion.

Twitter word counter

Twitter counter is a free tool that lets you count the characters of a tweet, bio and profile name same as Twitter.

Link transformer

Link transformer is a free tool that lets you transform your clickable links on social media to plain text.


CodeLet is a free tool that lets you create beautiful and attention grabbing code snippet images in a snap.


FormEasy is a free and open source apps script library that lets you receive forms from your static sites very easily.

Thread reader

Thread reader is a chrome extension that helps you read Twitter threads like an article without any distraction.

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